Introducing: INVATI Men

We all know how much Aveda loves men. (If you don’t, trust me, they do!)  They love men so much they have created an entire Men’s Care line specifically catering to the needs of men’s hair and their new product has Aveda men all over raving about it.

Introducing Invati Men!


What’s different about the new Men’s and the original invati system?

1. It’s a stronger formula especially designed for thinning men’s hair.

2. Aveda has made it even easier and more convenient as a two step process. They have forgone the conditioner since most men don’t take the extra step to condition their hair.

3. The scalp revitalizer only requires one application per day instead of the 2 required with the original system.

Invati Men Shampoo


invati men™ nourishing exfoliating shampoo

Step 1: Massage into wet scalp and rinse.

The shampoo will exfoliate and refresh the scalp to prepare it for the scalp revitalizer.


Invati Men scalp revitilizer

invati men™ scalp revitalizer

Step 2: Apply in a straight line, front to back and side to side and massage into the scalp. Do not rinse. Apply once a day.

The scalp revitalizer instantly thickens at the root and when massaged in begins to invigorate hair growth.


To find out more information on the Aveda Men’s products, including a short instructional for the invati men system video visit the Aveda website.

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