Our secret weapon to making washes last longer

Dry Shampoo quote

Who has time to wash their hair anymore?

Isn’t this quote a perfect way to describe the good majority of us who simply don’t have time to wash, let alone blow dry and style our hair daily? Life is too busy between work, school, kids, traffic and whatever curveball life decides to throw at us. Ain’t nobody got time for washing their hair. Am I right? Did you know that it is actually better for your hair to not wash it everyday. When we wash our hair Dry Shampooit can get rid of all those good oils and strips the strands of nutrients. Not to mention too much washing can also dry your hair out, and no one wants dry hair.  Now those of us that have normal or dry hair can get away with going a few days between washes, but those who have oily hair are dying by day two to give their hair a nice scrub. Enter dry shampoo! The dry shampoo will soak up the oils while to make your hair look like it was just washed and adds volume to your roots. Win, win!

For months we have been hearing our guests say “If only Aveda had a dry shampoo…”

Well friends, your prayers have been answered! Aveda now has an available dry shampoo. What is unique about Aveda’s new dry shampoo other than the fact that they made it smell amazing with their Shampure TM scent? That amazing scent you smell is actually made up from 25 different pure flowers and plant essences and is 99.8% plant derived.  Aveda’s design uses a pump instead of an aerosol can that you can easily extinguish from the bottle and is safe for the environment. Most people don’t like the idea of a powder because for those of us that aren’t blonde it tends to leave a white powder residue on the scalp. Aveda took this into consideration and I can say with certainty that even the darkest brunettes claim to have a clean scalp with no residue. This is an amazing alternative to getting our hair to appear clean without going through all the work of washing, blowdrying, and styling, leaving us more time to focus on more important matters in life.

Applying Aveda’s Shampure TM Dry Shampoo

Step 1: Tip the bottle upside down to gather the powder in the lid

Step 2: Part your hair into sections to expose the scalp

Step 3: Squeeze the bottle until the desire amount of powder is expressed to the scalp

(*Watch out on this one and maybe practice first because if you squeeze too hard you will have more powder on your head than you will know what to do with.)

Step 4: Rub the powder into your scalp until it is completely absorbed.

Step 5: Look like you just spent hours washing, drying, and styling your hair!

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